Membership (2019-2020)

Total Membership at the end of June 2020: 5,093
Individuals with a 1 yr membership: 1,460
Individuals with a 2 yr membership (note: discontinued as of Jan 1, 2020): 517
Group Memberships: 2,635
Facilities: 3,411
Of that, 333 have a group membership.
Retention Rate: 2019 rate 94% (* based on available 2019 data)

Member Campaign: Beginning in 2019, the AHRA focused membership strategy on retaining members and simplifying the membership options. In fall 2019, Group memberships were restructured to deliver more savings, more value, and more convenience. We moved from an anniversary date renewal to a calendar year renewal to focus less on administrative tasks and more on providing the membership with dedicated service. We created a Tiered structure based on number of members, versus number of beds, allowing groups to easily identify their tier, costs, and added educational value. In fall of 2020, Member Services plans to continue to promote this new group structure, with a goal to add more facilities and more members to the association via the group model.

Total membership

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