Certification (2019-2020)

July, 2020 RACC Annual Report
Since 2002, the CRA credential has validated excellence in imaging management. Today, more than 1200 professionals hold the only credential for medical imaging administration. The Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) credential was tailored specifically for medical imaging administrators. The examination focuses on five subject areas that are crucial to successful administration: human resource management, asset resource management, fiscal management, operations management, and communication and information management. The CRA program, including the examination, is managed by the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC), a self-governing body created to maintain the credential’s integrity and relevance.

RACC Elections
In the most recent RACC annual elections held in December of 2019, Curt Bush, CRA, was re-elected to serve a second term on the Commission and Tricia Trammell, CRA has been elected to serve her first term on the RACC.

In January, 2020, the RACC elected officers. David Partridge, CRA, FAHRA is the 2020 RACC Chair, Curt Bush, CRA is Vice Chair, and Sandra Phillips, CRA, is Secretary/Treasurer.

New CRAs
In 2019, 86 individuals successfully completed the examination and earned the CRA credential for an end of year total of 1,214 CRAs and CRA-Retired.

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