A Message From the President and CEO (2018-2019)

AR 2018-2019 Pres CEO

The 2018-2019 term has been another successful year for your association, both programmatically and through our CEO transition. As you read through this Annual Report you will see the great range of programs, products, and services that your professional association provides for its members. We are grateful to have such a talented, committed, and professional staff, but it is clear the driving force behind all this activity is the time and energy devoted by hundreds of our member volunteers. AHRA is a volunteer-driven organization, so it is remarkable to realize that all this has been accomplished by our members from all over the country. Design Teams, committees, task forces, and individuals have devoted much time and energy to produce these results on your behalf, and we express our appreciation and gratitude for their efforts.

Some highlights of the year:

  • Our membership has remained consistent, and our retention rate and net promoter scores remain exceptional.
  • Our Regulatory Affairs Committee has remained aggressively active representing our members’ interests with CMS and other regulatory agencies. We have taken a leading role in working cooperatively with other organizations to develop reasonable guidelines for the implementation of Appropriate Use Criteria and Clinical Decision Support Mechanisms.
  • Dan Kelsey became only our third CEO in AHRA history. Dan has many years of association experience, which brings a wealth of knowledge. In his short tenure, he has been working diligently to review various aspects of AHRA and is developing plans to look deeper into programming, membership retention, and association operations. This focus will ensure a viable and vibrant organization for years to come.
  • Our Education Foundation continues to look for corporate partnerships to enable the continued efforts to provide scholarships and funding of various programs. Vendor partners place great emphasis on a high level of member engagement in the foundation. I am pleased to report that the membership continues to increase their support year after year. If you are a donating member, we thank you! Our vendor partners are a source of knowledge on new technology, market trends, and process improvement that help to keep our members on the leading edge of their profession.
  • The number of CRAs continues to grow. The credential is a statement of professional competence and commitment, and we applaud the over 1100 active members who have attained it. CRA is becoming a requirement in job descriptions across the country.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge AHRA’s Board of Directors for their leadership of our association. These women and men have committed many hours to ensuring our strategic direction remains relevant and attractive to our members, and provide careful oversight of our operations. And, true to AHRA’s wonderful culture, working with them has been very enjoyable, as we have developed lifelong friendships.

Please take some time to review this report, find a way to be engaged, and continue to make AHRA a great organization!

Thank you.


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