Financials (2017-2018)


The Finance Committee of the AHRA Board of Directors meets monthly to review the financial metrics and activities related to the AHRA and the AHRA Education Foundation. We review results against expected financial performance as well as overseeing the annual audit and submission of the IRS form 990. We also oversee the investment of our association’s reserves of over $2.5m to ensure appropriate growth of those funds within the investment portfolio.

We are pleased to report that through May year-to-date, AHRA has a net surplus of $33,670 on over $1.5m in revenue. Additionally, the AHRA Education Foundation is performing very well with the total dollars raised from corporate and individual contributions exceeding $3.4m with 31 corporate investments for the new Defining Our Future Campaign and average member investment at over $168.

The Finance Committee also worked with AHRA Staff and our outside auditors to further strengthen our internal controls. We are pleased to report a well-run association.